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RELAPSE is a must see. Giachetti’s clever lyrics are laden with sophisticated humor, as well as poignant reality.

Laurie Lawson

Directed and Choreographed by JOEY McKNEELY
Music Direction by JORDON CUNNINGHAM

Music and Additional Lyrics by LOUIS JOSEPHSON
Lyrics & Book by J. GIACHETTI

September 2 - September 23

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About Relapse

Consumed by the personification of the voices in their heads, RELAPSE: A NEW MUSICAL, follows the journeys of Adam, Bryan, Melinda, and Kendra as they navigate the adversities of mental health on their path to recovery.

Guided by Dr. Carlis and Nurse Margot, this group of patients, welcome Adam and bid farewell to long-time patient Bryan. The musical delves into the emotional, psychological, and social conflicts that arise in such a group therapy-type setting and the character's transformations as they seek help, confront their demons, and embark on a path to recovery. The future is calling them, but in order to move forward they have first to let go of the past.


** This play touches upon themes of addiction, isolation, and mental health. The play is a fictionalized account of true events. **

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